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Why Travel with Visit Kalouts

“Visit Kalouts” organizes professional Eco-Friendly tours to the desert and other part of Kerman province and Iran. We have been trying to plan our tours according to the elements of sustainable development(tourism)

Go green

4x4 vehicles makes noise and air pollution.

Encourage local people

Encourage local people to keep their living environment.

Support the local communities

Support the local communities to have sustainable development.

Help to Kerman animal shelter

A percent of our benefit from each tour will be spent for the Kerman animal shelter.

Desert Tours

IRAN Tours

•    Duration

09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

•    Pick-up point

Your address in Yazd OR city centre (Whichever is convenient to you)

•    Drop–off point

Your address in Yazd OR city centre (Whichever is convenient to you)

9:00 AM Starts at your Hotel
Your Tour Starts by Visiting Zoroastrian Fire Temple and getting familiar with the one of the oldest religions in the world that is called Zartosht, and to see a flame that is said to have being burning since more than 1000 years ago.

After that you will be taken to the old city to start your walking through the Old city of Yazd. Your Expert guide will take you for a walk and the first stop in the old city is a very beautiful complex, it is called Amir Chakhmaq where is a congregation hall for Shia commemoration ceremonies. You will continue walking to Masjed-e Jamé which is one of the most wonderful mosques with its eye-catching turquoise tiles! Your tour will be resumed to a city restaurant which we’ve selected for its delicious Persian cuisine (vegetarian & non-vegetarian) and friendly ambience. This restaurant- Café is exactly where you need to get the high enough on a best spot of old city to have a full view of the old city where the most beautiful photos are taken there!
Next up your Yazd day tour is beautiful old homes and the Persian garden of Dowlat Abad.

05.00 PM: Drop off at your hotel
Your Yazd day tourwill be ended by droping you off at your hotel OR city center (Whichever is convenient to you).

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Ali Khezri Moghadam

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Shiva Boroumand

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Mehran Alipour

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