History of Bazaar in Kerman dates back more than 600 years ago (late Mozafari and Timurid periods).

 The Sectors of Kerman old Bazaar


The big market of Kerman (Old Bazaar) Contains different markets such as Naqareh Khaneh Bazaar Ganjali Khan Bazaar, Ekhtiari Bazaar, Qeysarieh Zargari Bazaar (Gold and jewelry Bazaar) , Mesgari Bazaar (Cooper Smithy Bazaar), Kafasha Bazaar (Shoemakers Bazaar), Kolahmal or Namadmal Bazaar ( Hat Felting), Ahangari Bazaar (Iron Smithy) , Attaran Bazaar (spicery Bazaar), Mozafari Bazaar, Ghadamgah Bazaar, Ghaleh Mahmoud Bazaar and Ghaleh Bazaar.

Other sectors of the Kerman Bazaar are Char-Soq that link this main passageway of market to other sub-markets, such as Char-Soq-e Ganjali Khan, which was one of the busiest commercial districts of Kerman in the past.


Naqareh-Khaneh Bazaar (Kettledrum-house Bazaar)


Naqareh is an old instrument which was played before Islam during the time of war, and after Islam was used five times in a day for warning the Muslim Prayers to be ready for praying.

In Naqareh-Khaneh, the player of Naqareh plays 3 times at the evening (in 1.5 Hours – once in every 30 minutes) to warning the shop Keepers to be ready to close their shops. After the third time of Playing, no body was allowed to be in Bazaar till the next day morning; The reason was for safety of the shops!


The oldest Naqareh-Khaneh in Iran is in Imam Zadeh Zeid of Shahdad city, and It is Played in the Ramadan month, during sunrise and sunset.

The oldest Player of Naqareh is Ostad Ali Karim Shojaei from Shahdad, Kerman. He has been playing Naqareh since 1946.

Ganjali Khan Bazaar ( Ganjali Khan Complex)


Ganjali Khan complex is located in the historical center of Kerman at the beginning of old Bazaar.

 Ganjali Khan was one of the most famous rulers of Shah Abbas in Kerman Area.

The area of ​​the Ganjalikhan complex is 11000 square meters. The complex contains Ganjali Khan Bath House (hammam) on the Southern Side, Ganjali Khan Caravanserai on the Eastern Side, Ganjali Khan Water Reservoir on the western Side, Ganjali Khan Mint house on the northern Side, Ganjali Khan Mosque on the Eastern side next to the caravanserai and Ganjali Khan Madrasah (School).

Visiting Water reservoir and Caravanserai is free for Iranian and foreigners as well.

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