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Our Team is a group of young people who know each other since 2010 in a voluntary NGO whose duties are cleaning the environment by collecting the garbage from the nature and teaching children in kindergarten to respect to the nature.
We were always worry how human(visitors) speeds up erosion and destruction of the desert and other nature and it was our common concern, so we decided to organize our tours based on Environmentally Friendly to teach people how our life relies on our environment and it's necessary to protect it.
In order to this thought “Visit Kalouts” was companied.

“Visit Kalouts” organizes professional Eco-Friendly tours to the desert and other part of Kerman province and Iran. We have been trying to plan our tours according to the elements of sustainable development(tourism):
 _Trekking deep into the desert rather than using 4X4 vehicles. (the Kalouts area is not soft like sand dunes and they are similar to the adobe stuffs; accordingly, they are erodible)
* In our tour we will trekking deep in desert to almost unique and not common places! We help you to enjoy peaceful silence of the desert and recording the best moment in your mind and camera!

_Not using Disposable tableware
_Encourage local people to keep their living environment and teach their children how should they behave to animals and nature.
_Support the local communities to have sustainable development with buying their handicrafts and using their touristic services like local accommodations, foods and etc.

*A percent of our benefit from each tour will be spent for the Kerman animal shelter.
The method of controlling the animal population (street dogs and Cats) in Iran was killing them. In order to stop this killing, the Kerman Animal Shelter NGO was established by the people’s donation to choose the best way of controlling - sterilizing, spaying and castrating.

It's hard to be professional and righteous with all the fierce competition but the love, satisfaction and appreciation of our clients and the unforgettable moments they spend with us are what keep us going.

  • Motahari,11 Isar street , Khabarnegar apartment,Kerman,Iran
  • +98 913 297 78 39
  • +98 936 673 66 57
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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